Fully Customized ‘miniYOU’

If you are not able to find a suitable prefabricated body from our great selection, you can have your own fully customized ‘miniYOU’ from head to toe.

What better gift than giving someone a miniature of him/herself? Thereby consider the person’s hobby, favorite clothing, special pose or anything else that makes the person unique, and create a personalized ‘miniYOU’ for them!


The hobby of the person is cycling and the details of the bike, jersey and helmet make it very unique and recognizable. Detailed pictures of the bike and the sitting position of the person, with close-up pictures of the jersey, will enable our artists to create a work of art.

Choose the theme, set the background, select the outfit and colors and you have a completely personalized ‘miniYOU’.

The customized miniature’s head , hair, bodyr, jersey, helmet and cycle parts are separately moduled. A digital proof for each part will be sent to you for your confirmation. If anything needs to be updated, you can do so by contacting the artist team by email. We will keep improving the miniature until you are completely satisfied with the miniYOU you have required.

After we receive approval from you, we will finalize the miniature mold and bake it in the oven. Your ‘miniYOU’ is then given life when it is colored by the artists, based on the pictures and information provided.

 That is all! Enjoy your very own, fully customized unique ‘miniYOU’ !

‘miniYOU’ gifts are ageless, timeless and can suit any occasion or any theme. Be it a birthday, wedding or any other occasion, ‘miniYOU’ custom gift choices are many and varied. Our special teams of expert artists can create a similar look alike ‘miniYOU’ for just about anyone. Business executives, sportsmen, artists and pet’s ‘miniYOU’ gifts with different themes and styles are the specialty and the secret of our success.

Gift a ‘miniYOU’ today and be ensured that you will be remembered forever!


Our newest addition to the long list of available ‘miniYOU’ custom made gift ideas is the ‘miniYOU’ pet collection. Pet lovers can have a look alike of their favorite pets and keep them in their fond memory even beyond their lifetime. What’s more your pet will love it too, to see his own ‘miniYOU’ and maybe bark at his new rival.

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